Resources for Technicians and Network Administrators at Schools Running WISE Projects
This page is for technicians and network administrators at schools that are running WISE projects. We hope this will help you learn more about the WISE technology and what is needed to run WISE in schools. Thank you for all that you do to make technology work in schools!
Computer System and Network Requirements to run WISE
We provide a system compatibility checker that will determine if the computers at your school are capable of running WISE projects.
About WISE
The Web-based Inquiry Science Environment is a research-based digital learning platform that fosters exploration and science inquiry. Students observe, analyze, experiment, and reflect as they navigate WISE projects. Teachers guide and evaluate the process using a suite of classroom-based and online tools. WISE is supported by the National Science Foundation.
About WISE Technology
WISE (Web-based Inquiry Science Environment) is an open-source, community supported project. We have built a scalable virtual learning environment (VLE) and a user/project management system (Portal) using other proven open source projects such as AngularJS, jQuery, JSPM, MySQL, Hibernate, and SpringFramework. We are committed to providing the best open source inquiry-based online learning environment. You can find the project homepage here: WISE project homepage.
Clearing Browser Cache
Some problems in WISE can be caused by an outdated browser cache, which can be solved by clearing the cache. Follow instructions on this page: How to clear your cache (opens in new tab).
Contact Us
We have a group for WISE developers and server administrators where you can post feedback and questions here: WISE developer group.
You can also ask questions to the maintainer of this particular WISE instance by filling out the form here: Contact WISE.